E-SYS Package by BMWTune.com Last updated: April 20th, 2020

I have seen a lot more people recently selling something that should be free. There is no need to profit off of something that's been free. That being said, you can download everything below which includes a working .EST token that has been tested and works with multiple systems.

Download E-SYS Bundle (E-SYS V 3.30 and 3.27, plus Loader and EST) here.

Download E-SYS Loader (.EST Included) here.

Download E-SYS Loader .EST Token Only here.
— PIN: 1234
— Activation Request: Email [email protected] for the activation token! I respond within 12-24 hours.

If you need the Psdzdata, you can download the Lite or Full here.
• Windows 7+ (Preferably 10)
• ENET to OBD2 Cable
• .NET Framework (4.5+)
* Virtual Machine Compatability! I've tested it on my main desktop, and then on a MacOS running Windows 10 through VM Fusion.
* I've tested this on multiple machines, and fixed errors that occurred
Phone: +1 313 312 0743
Email: [email protected]